iDiverse - Novel Agricultural Technologies

iDiverse is a biotechnology company focused on providing gene technology for developing high-performance cell lines used in the bioproduction of fuel ethanol, industrial enzymes, and pharmaceutical products; and for creating transgenic plants that are resistant to a broad spectrum of diseases and environmental stresses.

We believe that cell lines incorporating our proprietary ProTectAll™ transgenic technology will have enhanced resistance to the stresses of the bioproduction process. This will enable these cells to produce more product at higher concentrations, using less nutrients, and under more extreme conditions. All contributing to higher production efficiencies at lower costs.

We also believe that genetically modified plants incorporating our ProTectAll™ transgenic technology will be resistant to a wide range of fungi and viruses. They will be able to fend off cold, drought, heat, and salt. They will require less pesticide, fertilizer, and water to achieve better yields. They will be able to be grown on less than optimal land under adverse conditions. They will be less costly to grow, provide higher yields, and be friendlier to the environment.

In addition, we also provide contract screening and testing services to companies wishing to asses their sequence libraries for stress resistant genes.